Pick-Your-Own Wedding Flowers (July–September)

We offer pick-your-own wedding flowers! Have gorgeous fresh local and organic flowers at your wedding but at a reduced cost since you are harvesting and arranging them yourself.

Hours: Our Pick-Your-Own flower garden is open Fridays from 10–5, Saturdays 2–5 and Sundays 10–5 (however I can meet you by appointment earlier in the morning on those days if you want to get an earlier start, for example Saturdays 7–9am).

Although we love to help with the harvest we do not do any floral arranging and we do not deliver. Please contact the farmer in advance to schedule your wedding harvest. Phone: (781) 254-3727 Email: farmer@blueheronfarmlincoln.com

What to bring: Friends and family of the bride and groom bring small plastic buckets and scissors/clippers to the farm and get a short tour and demonstration on the best way to pick the flowers. Then the harvesting begins.

Flowers are counted and placed in the buckets (the farm has water for the buckets).

After the flowers are counted, priced and paid for, the friends and family of the bride and groom take the flowers to your air conditioned house (it is best to keep the flowers cool to minimize wilting) and you can arrange them into bouquets (or boutonnieres, bridal bouquets, and other decorations).

The flowers are gorgeous, vibrant, fresh and colorful and are often arranged in quart-sized mason jars with pretty ribbon and placed on tables as centerpieces.

Prices: All flowers are priced per stem:

  • Zinneas 50-75 cents a stem.
  • Sunflowers and other large flowers: $1-3 a stem.
  • Other flowers are priced by size with medium flowers at 50 cents a stem and small, filler flowers at 25 cents a stem.

It is a very fun, adventurous, memory-making activity and is also an affordable way to have beautiful fresh (and organic!) flowers at your wedding!

A Testimonial:

Blue Heron Organic Farm was the ideal farm for picking our wedding flowers. The flower gardens are set up in a beautiful labyrinth full of many varieties of healthy, well-maintained, strikingly beautiful flowers. The farmer was very considerate and helpful, answering all of our questions, and making suggestions as to what flowers might work well for our wedding. Picking our own local, organic flowers was the perfect way to make our wedding beautiful, and to express some of the values that are important in our lives.

—Joanie & Tim

Click here to view a guide to our flower selection (PDF):

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